Suggested Reads 

A New Role for Connecticut Youth: Leaders of Social Change  A report that depicts youth led social change work in Connecticut written by Laura McCargar, Perrin Family Foundation, in partnership with the Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing.

Transforming Young People and Communities: New Findings on the Impacts of Youth Organizing  A report written by Seema Shah, Will Buford and Eric Braxton and published by the Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing that discusses recent findings on how the field of youth organizing has developed and expanded.

Shared Tools

9 Actions to Build Youth and Adult Partnerships in 60 Days. Explains the key steps to forming a youth and adult partnership. Shared by Youth Empowered Solutions.

Oasis Center Spectrum of Opportunity Depicts the ways that the Oasis Center engages young people.

Understanding the Continuum of Youth Involvement Explanation of what various forms of youth involvement looks like within an organization. Shared by the Oasis Center.

The YES! Empowerment Model  An explanation of the model developed by Youth Empowered Solutions to empower young people.